Felt & Son is a contemporary jewellery brand.  

The inspiration behind the designs are from special moments in life we call  ‘sparkling moments’ or the ‘imagination of dreams’. 

we all experience that sparkling moment when we first 

lay our eyes  and meet that beautiful jewellery piece 

and every jewellery piece has its own special story to tell.

The rings and the promises that are shared between couples, The brooch you got from your grand mother. And the priceless friendship bracelet from that school trip. 

Every time you wear these  jewellery collections, you will suddenly remember the treasured moments you have shared. Felt & Son jewellery will spark and lead you to the wonderful memories you will or will have gained from your past, present and future with a special personal touch.


Felt & Son ㅣ CEO: Donghyun Kim
Business License: 501-21-96154

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제 2017-서울양천-0114호

서울 영등포구 의사당대로 127 롯데캐슬 엠파이어 

1층 125호, 펠트앤손 주얼리

CS: 010 - 3132 -1611

All Photo by ⓒ Felt & Son Jewellery